Finding the Inconspicuous Awesome

As I was walking back from the bus stop I cut through the grounds of a public school that actually looks pretty cool–it’s got greenhouses and cool gardens for students to work with. Anyway, As I came up to a parking lot, I thought I saw a guy walking a bunch of labs or other medium-sized dogs. As I started to get closer, I realized that they were actually goats!! In the middle of the city! The man was making sure they stayed around a little picket-fenced garden surrounded on 3 sides by grass. I don’t know if they belong to the school, or if the guy rents the space, or what…but how cool! The goats were obviously pretty contented, eating grass and rubbing their horns on a little tree. As I passed by one raised its head to watch me intently, but on the whole they responded well to their keeper when he called them over.

I haven’t been around goats for SO long, and the whole thing cheered me up a little bit!