I am Claire Simon—as of 2016, a 25-year old daughter, sister, college student and blocked writer. I also suffer from depression and chronic fatigue resulting from a bowel resection due to Crohn’s disease, as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). I was born in the US, lived in the Middle East for most of my formative years, and have been living in Canada over 10 years.

During the years following my sudden bowel surgery in 2013, many (most?) of my time was spent feeling alone, angry, confused, and broken. I wondered why I am so “defective” at such a young age. I wondered why I had to put my dreams on hold when ALL of my friends were doing so much better at achieving.

I started this blog to be the kind of resource I wished I had during my worst times. A look at how a real love young adult lives with lives with multiple chronic diagnoses. Post may include things I do to keep myself busy, book reviews, updates on my medical conditions, and things I just find interesting, that have nothing to do with anything! There will be gardening. There will be rants. And heads up—because of the nature of Crohn’s, chances are there WILL be mentions of poop!

While it’s on my mind, anytime I talk about anything medical, remember that I am NOT a doctor. I am talking about my own experiences, and things that have worked for me. I am not trying to offer medical advice or prescriptions of any kind. It’s important to talk to your own doctors(s) about changes to your mental and physical health, even if they seem dumb.

If you are reading this from a place of darkness, please know that you are not alone. Things will get better, and even though you may not see results, it is ALWAYS worthwhile to keep trying! You, your health, and your happiness ARE worth it!

Much love.

P.S. All the names you’ll see have been changed to protect people’s privacy


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